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12 February, 2018

prantakatha event


Yes, It can create a special bonding when we go to the lap of nature and sports is a way to keep this bonding alive !!

And here We the Potters (Melting pot 2017-18) took a step towards the Magic of Nature... From Unknown to Known, from Comfort to Uncomfort, from Fear to Confidence, From Challenge to pleasurable Success!!

We had our exciting group exposure visit at Baraghuttu, a small adventure sports camp some miles interior from Mutukmanipur. From Rock climbing to Kayaking to Camp fire to Living in nature - it was a 360° leadership experience of adjusting with most challenging situations, both physically and mentally.

Melting Pot is Prantakatha - Promoting Active Citizenship’s flag ship programme on youth leadership with specific focus on discovering your own self , your fear, your courage ,your comfort, your strength!

Most importantly it gifts you with lifelong friendship.

Thanks to Dipali Sinha Foundation for this partnership.


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