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20th March, 2018

prantakatha event

Avijit Kundu the young M Tech qualified Teacher got fired abruptly, indecently, without any written termination letter explaining any reason from Calcutta International School, Kolkata.
It happened despite his efficient performances in his job (all documented).

Mr Kundu approached Prantakatha - Promoting Active Citizenship and we came to know a sordid, inhuman tale of "persecution" by the School spearheaded by the Principal because Mr Kundu "was open in public domain about his gender identity as Gay". Adding to that the trigger as per Mr Kundu here was that he had his gay autobiography released at Kolkata International Book Fair on 4th February. On 5th February he distributed some copies to his colleagues in that school . Within minutes he got call from the HR and the Prinicipal told him " Mr Kundu you have many talents , and we are reducing teacher so from tomorrow you are not needed”!!
Even that was not conveyed in writing till date despite several attempts to talk to the school authority.

Since the school went absolutely silent officially on the "why" of this way of termination we have the only explanation that we had from Mr Kundu ✒
And that indicates a major violence and denial of livelihood of an Indian Citizen based on his personal gender and sexual preference by an International School which peaches to spread global citizenship as ideal among students!

Avijit It was really overwhelming to see a full house in a less than -24 hours-call through Facebook!
Special thanks to Tista and Anupam for important inputs and moderation.
Thanks Avijit, for creating a collective, to work more closely and consistently on overlapping issue of gender & livelihood with special focus on queer youth ❣
The gathering today, gave a message across, very loud and clear, that at any point in time your friends will outnumber your enemies


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