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Prantakatha – marginal lives, magnificent stories

Prantakatha is all about "Power of Storytelling towards social change"! While its one component is development of self, the other component is story or Katha! This has two pronged approaches "youth active citizenship development" and also "creating spaces of youth dialogue on marginalized issues with the mainstream of life"!

The name "Prantakatha" holds both the parts together. The core is Pranta or Margin. The understanding of Margin is as a dynamic position of "Self" which is floating across age and over physical, social, economic, cultural domains! So in a way each one of us has a margin, does not matter whether we are aware of it or not! It could be as a child, as a woman, as a seniour person, could be as one classical music lover in a family of rock music lovers either! It is the “space-inside” where we feel the pain most, excitement and also creation!

And then comes Katha or Stories! So the social experiment Prantakatha is doing consists of how a) these pranta or margins are given a loving and non judging space where they could transform their pain into power, therefore "katha" or a meaningful life and also b) how pranta or margin establishes a loving and engaging dialogue or Katha with the mainstream! Therefore Prantakatha is a youth development space internally but externally it is a Dialogue space between young persons from margins with mainstream of lives!

Welcome to the world of “marginal lives, magnificent stories”
Prantakatha Recognitions

Sohail and Afrin start a movement against dowry

Telecast Date: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sohail and Afrin are friends from childhood and they decide to marry each other. But Sohail's family members demand huge amount of dowry. Sohail tries to convince his family members, but in vain. He requests Afrin's father to get her married to him. Afrin's father asks Sohail to assist him with his garage work. Afrin's father appreciates Sohail and agrees for the marriage. With the help of the police, Sohail and Afrin get married. They start educating people and start a movement against dowry.


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